KAGAAY is an innovation in the field of realty in India. It’s a gamified sales first platform connecting the people and properties for greater good of global prosperity.
As a harbinger of innovation and an ardent believer in industry growth, KAGAAY has decided to lead the world’s largest ever recognition drive of any industry identifying and felicitating 10000 builders across India who have contributed their best for growth of the real estate industry in the country. It’s a tribute to all those who have been a part of the noble business of ‘sheltering the humankind’.
With this, we are delighted to announce REALTY 10000 WORLD’S LARGEST RECOGNITION DRIVE FOR PEOPLE IN REALTY BUSINESS. KAGAAY wishes to acknowledge 10000 builders who have struggled in their path yet did not give up on giving the best of their efforts. We wish to appreciate the upcoming builders as well as the ones who have reached the height of progress with their hard work, perseverance & righteous efforts. We believe there are so many builders across the country who have given their 100% to their customers and now, it’s time to appreciate their efforts and dedication so that many more are motivated to follow their path to progress.


Structure & Quality, Features and Amenities

The quality of the Design, Construction & Function has to be superior. Amenities that serve the best to the client and give them a very Comfortable & Homely feeling.

Financial Success & Community Benefits

Impact of project on the society & showing sincerity to the community. Lead the society to a better economic future.

Titles & Compliance, Execution & Delivery

The treatment given to the customer when it comes to timeline, quality production in all levels & execution. The pre and post purchases services which fulfills a customer’s needs.

Mandatory approvals from RERA

Legality is the most important concern for the builder. The projects has to be registered with RERA and there has to be proper documents about it.

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What is Kagaay?

KAGAAY is India’s first technology-driven gamified realty sales enablement platform with an agenda of benefitting the two P’s – People and Property. KAGAAY is a sales enablement platform that ditches the discovery approach and is designed to pull in sales by reaching out to the in-market audience. With three hundred years of combined team experience in real estate, KAGAAY is well-versed with sales enablement. Boost up your property’s sales graph by roping into our gamified prop-tech platform.

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    Kāgaay is India’s first technology driven gamified realty sales enablement platform that aims at the two Ps – Property and People. Kagaay’s inception has been done to serve the two major needs that real estate industry deals with. First being the sales of property and Second deals with letting buyers purchase dream property at their dream price. Connect with us to know more.

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